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  • June 20, 2017
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Jeep Rentals in Turks and Caicos
Explore Beaches in Providenciales Car rentals
The beaches of Providenciales are some of the most beautiful on the planet, thanks in large part to one of the few remaining coral reef ecosystems around the Turks and Caicos Islands. All Providenciales beaches are public, and even the most developed residential beaches are required to have public access points. Obviously you can't trespass a private property, there are public access paths to each beach.

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Please see some useful facts and figures for those wishing to travel to the Turks and Caicos Islands. Drivers license Visitors from the British Commonwealth countries, USA, Canada and holders of international driver’s licenses are permitted to drive for 30 days. Visitors from all other countries are required to possess a visitor’s permit, which can be obtained at the Road Safety Department, located on Good Street, Grand Turk or Old Airport Road, Providenciales. Contact Us if you need more information. Geography The beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands consists of 40 islands and cays, eight of which are inhabited. The country is located 550 miles south east of Miami, Florida, just below the Bahamas chain, to the east of Cuba and north of the island of Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti.) There are about 30,000 full time residents and more than 200,000 tourists visit every year. Climate The average temperature ranges between 85 and 90 degrees (29 to 32 degrees Celsius) in the summer and from 80 to 84 degrees (27 to 29 degrees Celsius) in the winter. A constant easterly breeze keeps the climate at a very comfortable [...]
Driving in the Turks and Caicos Islands is a unique experience. While the rules of the road are strictly British, the physical layout takes elements from Caribbean, British and US systems. It is very important for visitors to the Islands to drive cautiously with the following information in mind. In Providenciales the main highway, Leeward Highway, is a well built two lane system. It runs from Downtown to Leeward then switches to a one lane system all the way to Heaving Down Rock Marina to the far east end of the island. The speed limit is 40mph and you should always keep to the left lane unless overtaking or getting ready to turn right. Seatbelts are a legal requirement. When approaching a roundabout, always drive slowly and give way to the vehicle on your right. Other main highways include Millennium Highway, a one lane paved system from Downtown to Wheeland, and Long Bay Highway, another one lane paved road running from Leeward Highway the length of Long Bay. Many of the smaller town roads, particularly in the populated Grace Bay area are also well built and easy to negotiate, although drivers should be aware that the speed limit can drop to 20mph and there are a number of speed bumps, often unmarked, to enforce these lim [...]
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