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Jeep Rentals in Turks and Caicos

The beaches of Providenciales are some of the most beautiful on the planet, thanks in large part to one of the few remaining coral reef ecosystems around the Turks and Caicos Islands. All Providenciales beaches are public, and even the most developed residential beaches are required to have public access points. Obviously you can’t trespass a private property, there are public access paths to each beach.

Grace Bay Beach, Car Rentals, Turks and Caicos

Grace Bay Beach, from the Northern end of Provo, (Leeward) and running all the way to Thompson Cove. Grace Bay Beach is Provo’s finest beach and, some say, one of the finest beaches on the planet, recently get 2nd best beach award from TripAdvisor travelers. It is 19km long and has many public access points. You can easy park your rental car at the Resorts Public parking area or parking places created for visitors.

Snorkeling at The Coral Reefs on Grace Bay

Snorkeling on Grace Bay, Providenciales Car Rentals

Near the Turtle Cove Marina is Smith Reef, and near to Bight Park in front of the Coral Gardens resort, are two excellent snorkeling spots easy to access with your rental car.

 Grace Bay Beach is so stunning that you might not want to explore anything else, but a few other beaches on the island are worth to visit. South-East Long Bay Beach is famous about Shallow waters and perfect p[lase for water-sports like Kite Boarding, Wind Surfing and Jet Skiing.

If you looking privacy, seek out Malcolm Beach on the Western end of Providenciales. The way to see this charming cove you have to follow  Malcolm Roads, and well recommended a 4 wheel drive, Rent a Buggy offers the best off-road Jeep and off road car rentals on the island. Our New Jeep Wranglers and SUV’s easily handle the roads leading to one of most private beach on the island. There’s good snorkeling with excellent visibility always, you’ll have to bring your own gear. Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay are part of Chalk Sound National Park. These beautiful, shallow bays along Provo’s southwest coastline have soft, silty bottoms and warm water. Both beaches are easy to access by paved roads, you might need to walk 3-5 minute on a path to get to the beach.



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